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As a full line retailer and face-to-face technology consulting firm, we offer a wide variety of products and services.  From time to time, we will feature a new product or service offering here, so check back once in a while!


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Corporate Antivirus Solutions

Protecting your computer systems from virus infestation is more important than ever these days!  Too often, people buy a new computer that includes antivirus software and then they forget about it, thinking they are protected.  The fact is, most antivirus packages included with computer purchases have limited updates, sometimes for as little as 30 days.  Let us show you how easy and inexpensive it can be to protect all of your computers and valuable data with rock solid antivirus software solutions.  We will help you figure out what you have, what you need, and how to fill in the gaps.

Complete Enterprise Antivirus Packages from under $100

avast! Suites


Managed Backup Service

With all of us relying more and more on our computers and our data, protecting that data is more important than ever!  While we offer a variety of products, including training and support, for taking care of your own backup, our premier product is our new "Managed Backup Service".  With this service, you have no hardware or media to buy, pay just one monthly fee and leave the rest to us.  Service includes:
• Complete annual backup, stored off-site
• Complete monthly backup, stored off-site
• Complete nightly backup stored in your on-site library, with 3 - 10 (depending on plan) versions always available on-site
• Nightly off-site backup of your critical data

These packages are custom tailored to meet your exact needs and start at just $50 per month!

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Remote Access to Your PC

Don't fight with difficult to configure, hard to use remotate access solutions -- use GoToMyPC for the easiest access!
  GoToMyPC - Access Your PC from Anywhere